Assignment #4: Video Editing Project

I made this video from the raw footage we were given in class.  It is pretty basic, but I just wanted to keep the continuity of the footage.  I tried to make everything flow well together, including the match on action walking scene in the beginning of the clip.


Assignment #3: Stills Editing Assignment

This is just a little story of two lesbians and one tries to explore with a man but she gets yelled at by the mean looking girl so she gets scared and goes back with her.
I imported the files and then I drug them down to the timeline and added effects and music to the slides
The song is Q by Inara George and i got it from

Assignment #2: Website Design

This is Stephanie Jones, she is a former child-star actress that lost everything due to drugs. She has overcome all of her drug and sex problems and is now trying to turn her life around. She had a friend help her make this website and is trying to pick herself back up. Stephanie lives in her car, for the time being, because she hasn’t made enough money to get a place yet, but spends alot of her time spying on people. Her buisness just got off the ground and she is doing pretty well and has almost enough money to buy a place now.

Assignment #1: Website Analysis

The Philadelphia Brewing Company is a brewery in North Philadelphia.  The website they have made is simple to navigate.  The Philadelphia Brewing Company is a simplistic brewery that only has a few different varieties of beer, so it makes sense for their website not to be cluttered with unnecessary junk and keep it easy for everyone to navigate through.

Like all companies that have websites, the Philadelphia Brewery’s purpose is to promote their product, and have available information about their products as well.  In addition, having a website can potentially win them new customers as well as keeping their old customers.  Their website also gives them a chance to strengthen their position in the marketplace.

PBC’s website is easy to access and navigate.  There are no splash pages or landing pages asking for a date of birth to enter the site like Magic Hat’s and Sierra Nevada’s websites do.  With the few links the website has, anyone can find the answers they are looking for in seconds.

The “Our Beer” link directs you to a list of the beers that they brew and information about each one of them.  The home page and the “Social Agenda” link carry information about certain events and specials they are holding at different bars throughout the Philly area.

If someone owns a beer distributer, bar, or restaurant and wants to know about how to get PBC beers for their establishments, then PBC’s website has all the information they need through the “Contact Us” link on the home page.  Also for anyone who wants to get in touch with them for a tour or anything else, they can also go to the “Contact Us” link.  If someone is looking for the hours of the brewery, directions, or tour times all they have to do is click the “Brewery” link and their answers will be there.

There isn’t really much visual content in the website, meaning there is only one picture on the whole site, and there are only a few external links and they lead people away from the page.  They do have pictures of the different beers that they sell, but the website could look a lot better with a few more pictures.  The written content has everything that the company needs and answers the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” about the company.

The design of the website is very warm and inviting.  There is a light blue background with black and red colored font that is easily readable.  The website doesn’t take up the whole window; it sits on top of a dark background with red, white, and black stars.  The overall outline of the website could use a little more work, but no parts of it make it hard for people to read or look at.